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Smart up for Software solutions

Smart Up Software solutions is a consulting, and IT services firm founded since 2005 by technology enthusiasts specializing in solutions integrations across a wide range of industries.

Our team has extensive experience with both manufacturing and private retail (RPM), as well as other industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, infrastructure, and media.
We are pleased to extend an invitation to qualified workers from throughout the industry to join our expanding organization. Let us collaborate to create solutions for today’s and future generations; we are next-generation technology experts.
Our history

Smart up Roadmap



OBS was founded


Golden Box was Born


2006 – 2019

OBS was working on mega projects
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مطار القاهرة الدولي

وزارة الطيران المدني

ميناء الحمرا الباسبور البحري



OBS is renamed to Smart Up


Gravity ERP Initiated
Renovated Golden Box
PARKO System was Born

Gravity Hotel Management System was Born


Our vision is to be a leading software solution company in the IT sector. We commit to our customers achieving their business goals in smart ways.


Integrate people, business, and technology to develop efficient software solutions that fulfil the needs of our customers within committed timeline.


- Customer focus
- Strong Team work
- Sustainable growth


Management Philosophy:

The management philosophy in Smart Up is based on three fundamental pillars; the first and most important is the clients. The clients’ requirements are a top priority for us in Smart Up; because we believe in the importance of the partnership between our customers and us. We aim for a long collaboration, and the client always has priority.

The second is the Smart App team, an integrated, cooperative team with solid experience. A team with the ability to innovate and provide our clients with solutions that helps them to run their businesses smoothly. And the last of them is sustainable growth, which is what we always strive for to improve quality to develop technology and creativity in our work for our customers and our team. These are the three sides of the management philosophy of Smart Up Triangle and the pillars on which the Smart Up name stands, which we always keep in mind.

Chiefs Words

Expertise in diverse business verticals

When I think about where we started, how we evolved, and where we are today, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished here at Smart up, as our role has always been to find a way of making advanced systems appear simple and easily used

M.Tamer abrahim
M.Tamer abrahim

Chief Operations Officer

M. Maged  showeky
M. Maged showeky

Chief technical officer

M.Louis Youakim
M.Louis Youakim

Chief information Officer